Assista a vídeos do ano de 2011 legendados pela equipe do Avril Bandaids Brasil.

What The Hell Countdown – KNOCK! KNOCK!

What The Hell Countdown – NYE Countdown

What The Hell Countdown – Tomorrow Night’s The Night

Happy Hour – Welcome to Happy Hour

Happy Hour – Album Photo Shoot

Happy Hour – Band Rehearsal

Happy Hour – Japanese Press Day

Happy Hour – What the Hell – Music Video BTS

WTH.TV Is Now Broadcasting!

WTH.TV – Avril LAX Airport Arrival

WTH.TV – WTH Time is it?!

WTH.TV – What The Paparazzi?!

WTH.TV – WTH at Les Victoires Awards Show

WTH.TV – Virgin Radio Interview

WTH.TV – 1st time I’m signing my new album cover!

WTH.TV – Merci Paris See you all soon!

WTH.TV – London town woo hoo!

WTH.TV – Avril Decides What 2 Wear at Brits

WTH.TV – Avril at the Brit Awards

WTH.TV – Avril Announces 2011 Tour Name

WTH.TV – Avril Meets Boy George at the Brit Awards

WTH.TV – Avril meets Fans in England

WTH.TV – WTH Team World Italy Flash Mob

WTH.TV Avril NYC Day 1

Saturday Night Online Interview

Avril Lavigne introduces “Wild Rose”

ET Canadá interview (03/10)

Interview with Wonderwall